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Interviews don't have to be tough.

Whether going for a first job or changing jobs, today’s hyper-competitive job market makes the interview the most important part of the process―and a major factor as to whether you’ll get the job you want.  Don’t leave the decision to chance. 


To secure the opportunity to interview you’ll need to provide the perfect resume, cover letter and LinkedIn profile.


Interview Coaching

Personalized one-on-one coaching for high school, college and graduate students as well as job seekers.  

Resumes &

Cover Letters

Highlight your unique qualifications and differentiate yourself from other applicants. Shine on LinkedIn.


Learn how to prepare, what to wear, how to answer questions and what questions to ask. Appropriate for high school and colleges students.

Ethelyn has been recognized by her clients and former employees for her ability to inspire them to achieve new levels of performance and succeed in their career pursuits.


"Just got back from a two-hour interview that I never could have survived without Ethelyn. She gave me great overall advice on how to approach the process plus tips on how to deal with specific questions. Thanks Ethelyn! you are awesome."

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