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A Milestone

My book published yesterday and is now available for purchase on Amazon or directly from me.

I have been working toward this day for nearly a year having started the book on December 5th 2015 sitting in the dining room of Rona and Scott Black’s apartment.  I was giving a free workshop and mock interviews to the English PhD students at the University of Utah and with the support of the Blacks I embarked on this journey.  One impetus for publishing this book was to give myself credibility.   Somehow people think you’re an expert if you’ve written a book.  I realize now that there is some truth to that.  Writing, rewriting, editing and reediting has forced me to think more clearly about the subject and how I communicate to students.  Writing the book has made me a better workshop leader and a more focused personal interview coach.

The most exciting thing about publishing this book is that I am now able to help hundreds and even thousands of students; ones I could never have helped before.  By reading my book, I believe a student will be better prepared for their college interviews by knowing the likely questions they’ll be asked, how to formulate a great answer, and what to ask the interviewer.  The student will be more relaxed and can represent themselves well.  I hope that this book will prepare high school students to easily ace their interviews, each and every time.

Please check back here frequently for updates.  I’ll be sharing feedback I receive, success stories from my readers and those I coach, and further insight into the interview process. Visit the site to see new testimonials as more students share their experiences and follow my progress as I write the next book–Perfect Prep 2: A Guide to Acing Your First-Job Interview.

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